Tuesday, 13 March 2012

KFC China menu vs. Canada and U.S.

March break means fast food.  So after you view the menu from China and compare it to ours, you may want to get on a plane to China or head to your local Canadian or U.S. KFC restaurant.




Beef Congee, Tofu and Soy Milk
Photo Credit:  norsez/flickr

Fried Sausage
Breakfast Congee (rice porridge with pork, pickles, mushrooms and preserved eggs) served with Youtiao (fried bread sticks)
Ham Burger (this is really ham) with egg
Cheesy Bacon Burger
Smoked Chicken Flaky Pastry Combo
Bacon Egg Flaky Pastry Combo

Beijin KFC Meal (looks like Panko bread crumbs on the chicken)
You get soup with every meal
Photo Credit:  scaredy_kat/flickr
 Lunch and Dinner (Classic Meals)

Burger Combo with Corn Soup and 9 Lives Juice
Chicken with Sichuan spicy sauce
Dragon Twister (KFC's version of a Beijing Duck Wrap)
Beef Wrap Combo with Corn soup and 9 Lives Juice
18 Piece Bucket Special (5 pieces TMOR(regular fried chicken pieces), 6 wings, 2 dinner rolls and one corn on the cob and 1.25 L Pepsi


Citron Tea, Caramel Pearl Milk Tea, Classic Milk Tea (hot), Soya Milk (hot or cold), Coffee, Hot Milk, Orange C, Milo, Cold Coffee Latte


KFC Egg Tarts
Photo Credit:  scaredy_kat/flickr


KFC started in Harlan Sanders Cafe in Corbin, KY.  The yellow sign is the original Sanders Cafe sign.
The bucket and sign in the background are from 1980.
Photo Credit:  SeeMidTN.com aka Brent/flickr

The Double Down

The Double Down - Photo from West Springfield MA, U.S.
Photo Credit:  Rusty Clark/flickr

The Double Down is a sandwich offered in the U.S. which consists of bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese, the Colonel's secret sauce....pinched in between two pieces of original recipe chicken fillets.

KFC U.S. Coupons:  http://www.kfc.com/coupons/default.asp


KFC Quebec Canada also know as PFC - Poulet Frit Kentucky
Photo Credit:  Jared Zimmerman/flickr

KFC (PFK in Quebec)  3 Piece Meal
Photo Credit:  Calgary Reviews/flickr

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