Monday, 13 August 2012


This is my homemade ice cream cake--I chose rolo ice cream for the center.  Easy and inexpensive
Ice cream cake is soooo easy to make, and economical too, that it is worth giving it a try yourself.  This is a variation of the Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  They use the soft serve machine though.  Since we don't have the convenience of using the soft serve ice cream machine we have to leave ice cream on the counter until softened.  Be careful not to leave the ice cream out too long or it will be watery and you will not be able to work with it.

Use a spring form pan that you cool in the freezer for about 15 minutes or more ahead of time.  This prevents the ice cream from sticking to the sides after it is frozen.

Take ice cream out of freezer and allow to soften.  Stir it until it is smooth and easy to spread.

Use a container of  softened vanilla ice cream and place around the sides of the pan--about an inch thick around.

Use a container of another type of softened ice cream inside of cake.  Use half the container of ice cream.  Then get a bag of  oreos, remove the cream filling and crush them in a plastic bag (save about six cookies to sprinkle on the top of the cake).  Mix the crushed oreos with chocolate, fudge or caramel ice cream topping/sauce
Sprinkle the sticky oreo mixture across the ice cream layer.  Then place more ice cream on top. Smooth the top of the cake.  Add crushed oreos on the top and squirt fudge, chocolate or caramel sauce across the top--going back and forth across the cake.

Place in freezer until frozen. Remove sides of spring form pan and enjoy!

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