Thursday, 31 May 2012

When Will Live! With Kelly Choose a Co-Host

Who will fill Regis' spot next to Kelly?
Photo Credit:  Asterix611/flickr
Regis Philbin retired from Live! With Regis and Kelly on November 18, 2011.  Since then, Kelly Ripa has had a long list of guest co-hosts.  One of these guests could be permanently occupying the seat next to Kelly on Live! With Kelly and ?  But when?

Mark Consuelos, Kelly's husband is a nice diversion but would probably not be chosen as her permanent #2, other than the permanent #2 position he already occupies as her husband. Too much of a good thing for us to see everyday.  Also, I get the feeling that the two of them would be exhausted if they had to carry on their banter every day.

The powers that be probably want to be really sure they find the right guy or gal (I think guy).  Here are some of the guest co-hosts that Live! with Kelly has featured.

Martin Short, Ed Robertson, Seth Myers, L.A. Reid, Taye Diggs, Reggie Bush, Chris Harrison, Sam Champion, Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Lachey, Michael Strahan, Ben Mulroney, Josh Groban, Pat Kiernan, Matthew Broderick, Mario Lopez, Jesse Palmer, Mike Greenberg, D.L. Hughley, Joel McHale, Carson Kressley, Howie Mandel, Peter Facinelli, Daniel Abrams, Jerry O'Connell, Dana Carvey, Kyle MacLachlan, Alec Baldwin, Lucy Lui, Neil Patrick Harris, Daniel Radcliffe, Carrie Ann Inaba, Cat Deeley,
Kristin Chenoweth, Mary J. Blige, Kim Kardashian, Matthew Morrison, Tony Potts, Andy Cohen, Michael Buble, Bryant Gumbel, Kevin Jonas, Randy Jackson, Derek Hough, Apolo Anton Ohno, Boomer Esiason
Carl Edwards, Rob Lowe, David Duchovny, Jim Parsons, Jonah Hill, Jerry Seinfeld.

I loved watching Peter Facinelli and Neil Patrick Harris co-hosting with Kelly Ripa.  I don't know if these guys are even interested in the gig.  Rumour has it that Michael Strahan is a top contender for the post.  I have to admit I didn't watch the shows where Michael co-hosted so I can't give my opinion on this.

Of the above list, who do you want occupying the seat next to Kelly Ripa on Live!?  Comment below.

Monday, 28 May 2012

RaeAnne Thayne – Author

RaeAnne Thayne – Author

I am Reading Woodrose Mountain by RaeAnne Thayne.  This is an absolutely inspiring and romantic novel about a Physical Therapist named Evaline (Evie) who walked away from her profession and moved from L.A. to Hope's Crossing to start a new life.  Evie finds out that walking away from her past life is almost impossible when she is forced to come out of retirement to help the grand daughter (Taryn) of a friend (Katherine) who needs a Physical Therapist with a magic touch.  Evie who had found peace in her new career making beaded jewelry in a local shop must come out of her serenity and push her emotions to the limit.  In walks Brodie the handsome father of Taryn her patient and all caution goes to the wind.  Together with her dog Jacques, Evie is able to bring joy and peace to Taryn and Brodie.  Hope, romance, challenge and overcoming challenge these are the hallmarks of this must read novel.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Happy Victoria Day Canada!

Mohawk Racetrack Family Fun Night, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB (me)

I hope everyone is taking advantage of all the fun family activities that your community has to offer this Victoria Day.

I went to Family Fun Night at Mohawk Racetrack last night.  What a great time!  We placed bets on horses which we had no real information on just what we read in the program.  We won some but in the end we lost about $25.  On the last race a long-shot horse won which paid out about $40 for each $2 bet--lucky people who took a chance. 

There were also many family fun actitives there for kids--a petting zoo, a man on stilts making balloon animals, the Mad Hatter, face painting, kids food deals, bouncy castle, losts of different food and a grand finale of fabulous fireworks. 

I have posted a series of photographs from the event.  This particular racetrack has a Slots area (slot machines) attached and it was packed--kids were not allowed in this area of course.  It was fun to see who was asked for I.D. before entering.  Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them who were asked for I.D.  I think I would have kissed anyone who asked me for I.D.--lol.  I just went in to watch people gamble since I've never used a slot machine myself and wonder how many people actually win.

Those of you who live in Toronto, Ontario would be interested to know that Prince Charles and wife Camilla are in Toronto and will be viewing the fireworks at Ashbridges Bay. The British don't actually celebrate Victoria Day themselves.  Queen Victoria was the longest reigning Monarch who was on the throne for 63 years, 216 days and Canada has been celebrating her birth in 1819 as a holiday since 1845.  Read about 20 things you didn't know about Victoria Day.

Enjoy your day and enjoy my photographs.

Mohawk Racetrack, Campbellville, Ontario, May 20, 2012
Photography:  ChristineB

Mohawk Racetrack, photography by me, ChristineB, May 20, 2012

Petting Zoo at Mohawk Racetrack Family Fun Day, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
Man on stilts making balloon animals Mohawk Racetrack, May 20/12
Photography by ChristineB
Mohawk Racetrack, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
Mohawk Racetrack, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
Face painting Mohawk Racetrack, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
The fireworks at Mohawk Racetract were incredible, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Why Women Like Jerks

After reading an article on Why Women Like Jerks from Shave Magazine online, I was enlightened as to why the fairer sex is attracted to men who are "not nice" (understatement).

The article explains how the way our ancestors treated women and that "Jerks" are biologically desirable are possible clues into our strange choices in men. 

There also seems to be a certain confidence about these "Jerks" which make us wonder what they have.  Ever see people rummaging through stuff at a store and see others walking over to get in on the action.  We think, "If she wants it so bad then it must be something good".  Well men who exude a large ego, make us wonder if we should find out what he has.

This article explains why the jerk gets the girl, so you can see why men would be interested in this article.  Head him off at the pass and read the article.

Shave Magazine is an online Men's Magazine and, that is exactly why we should be reading it.

Want to know what men think and what they think is important--well delving into the articles in this magazine is the equivalent of reading or better than reading a book about understanding men.

Knowledge is power ladies!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Donna Summer Dead at 63

Donna Summer Queen of Disco - 1948 - 2012

Photo Credit:  Flickr/Vorpaldinger

According to TMZ Donna Summer the Disco Queen has died of cancer early this morning at the age of 63.  Donna Summer is a 5-time Grammy Award winner who had many hits in the 1970's and 1980's including "Last Dance", "Bad Girls", "Love to Love You Baby", "On the Radio".  And her song "I feel love" was a thumping, fabulous disco tune.  And one of my favourites, that  I would sing whenever I made cake, lol-- "MacArthur Park" (Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain).

Donna Summers did a duet with Barbara Streisand with the song "No More Tears" (Enough is Enough).  Donna Summers Queen of Disco also developed her music and worked across many musical genres to include gospel, rock, new wave,  and reggae. 

Donna created an anthem for working women: "She worked hard for the money".  Taken from ABC's Sheila Marikar's article, here is a quote from Donna Summer about how she wrote the song "She worked Hard for the Money".

“I was at a Grammys party … and I went to the ladies room and on my way in I saw this little old lady sitting at the end of the bar. And she was asleep,” Summer told “Nightline.” “She was the bathroom attendant. And at that same moment, a group of ladies walked into the room and started spraying their hair and doing all these things. And my first thought was ‘God, she works hard for her money, that lady.’
“And then I thought, ‘man, that’s a song,’” she said. “So I went and grabbed my manager and we went back into the bathroom and started writing the song on a piece of toilet paper.”
She was a very gifted and talented singer and song writer. 

Last Dance Video From YouTube

She Works Hard for the Money

On The Radio

Family Statement:
"Early this morning, we lost Donna Summer Sudano, a woman of many gifts, the greatest being her faith.
"While we grieve her passing, we are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy.
"Words truly can't express how much we appreciate your prayers and love for our family at this sensitive time."
Donna Summers is survived by her husband Bruce Sudano, her three daughters and four grandchildren.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Michael Rafferty Trial - Why Some Evidence Was Kept From Jury

The following video from Sun News Network shows (embedded below) an Ontario lawyer discussing why some shocking evidence about Michael Rafferty's behaviour/character leading up to and after Tori (Victoria) Stafford's murder was kept out of court.  After the jury in the Michael Rafferty trial were sequestered early yesterday evening, some stunning details were released about Michael Rafferty--about videos he watched, Internet searches and the content of texts and comments from former girlfriends about his behaviour.

Here are some media links about the topic also:

What are your comments/feelings about this topic?  Comment below.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


July 15, 2000 - April 8, 2009

May justice be served sweet child.

Victoria Stafford was abducted and murdered and allegedly sexually assaulted on April 8, 2009.  Sweet Victoria was abducted by Terri-Lynne McClintic who lured Tori to a waiting car after school on April 8, 2009 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

Her body was found on July 19, 2009 in Mount Forest, Ontario.

Terri-Lynne McClintic has pleaded guilty to the first degree murder and abduction of Victoria (Tori) Stafford and is presently serving a life sentence (25 years without parole).  Her alleged accomplice, Michael Rafferty is on trial for first degree murder, sexual assault causing bodily harm and kidnapping.  Michael Rafferty pleaded not guilty to these charges. 

Yesterday the court in London, Ontario, Canada heard closing arguments from Crown Attorney Kevin Gowdey.  Today, Justice Thomas Heeney, will give jurors their charges (rules to follow in deliberations) and then the jury will deliberate right after this.

Victoria loved butterflies, the colour purple, Hanna Montana, Bratz dolls, shopping, and the movie High School Musical.  She was a spunky girl who was loved very much by her mom Tara McDonald, father Rodney Stafford and brother Daryn.

News Links:

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mother's Day Cards

Enjoy these Mother's Day cards that I created.  Feel free to print them for your mothers.  The vintage clip art in the cards is from

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

By the way Cajeta is Dulce de Leche