Monday, 21 May 2012

Happy Victoria Day Canada!

Mohawk Racetrack Family Fun Night, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB (me)

I hope everyone is taking advantage of all the fun family activities that your community has to offer this Victoria Day.

I went to Family Fun Night at Mohawk Racetrack last night.  What a great time!  We placed bets on horses which we had no real information on just what we read in the program.  We won some but in the end we lost about $25.  On the last race a long-shot horse won which paid out about $40 for each $2 bet--lucky people who took a chance. 

There were also many family fun actitives there for kids--a petting zoo, a man on stilts making balloon animals, the Mad Hatter, face painting, kids food deals, bouncy castle, losts of different food and a grand finale of fabulous fireworks. 

I have posted a series of photographs from the event.  This particular racetrack has a Slots area (slot machines) attached and it was packed--kids were not allowed in this area of course.  It was fun to see who was asked for I.D. before entering.  Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them who were asked for I.D.  I think I would have kissed anyone who asked me for I.D.--lol.  I just went in to watch people gamble since I've never used a slot machine myself and wonder how many people actually win.

Those of you who live in Toronto, Ontario would be interested to know that Prince Charles and wife Camilla are in Toronto and will be viewing the fireworks at Ashbridges Bay. The British don't actually celebrate Victoria Day themselves.  Queen Victoria was the longest reigning Monarch who was on the throne for 63 years, 216 days and Canada has been celebrating her birth in 1819 as a holiday since 1845.  Read about 20 things you didn't know about Victoria Day.

Enjoy your day and enjoy my photographs.

Mohawk Racetrack, Campbellville, Ontario, May 20, 2012
Photography:  ChristineB

Mohawk Racetrack, photography by me, ChristineB, May 20, 2012

Petting Zoo at Mohawk Racetrack Family Fun Day, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
Man on stilts making balloon animals Mohawk Racetrack, May 20/12
Photography by ChristineB
Mohawk Racetrack, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
Mohawk Racetrack, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
Face painting Mohawk Racetrack, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB
The fireworks at Mohawk Racetract were incredible, May 20, 2012
Photography by ChristineB

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