Saturday, 19 May 2012

Why Women Like Jerks

After reading an article on Why Women Like Jerks from Shave Magazine online, I was enlightened as to why the fairer sex is attracted to men who are "not nice" (understatement).

The article explains how the way our ancestors treated women and that "Jerks" are biologically desirable are possible clues into our strange choices in men. 

There also seems to be a certain confidence about these "Jerks" which make us wonder what they have.  Ever see people rummaging through stuff at a store and see others walking over to get in on the action.  We think, "If she wants it so bad then it must be something good".  Well men who exude a large ego, make us wonder if we should find out what he has.

This article explains why the jerk gets the girl, so you can see why men would be interested in this article.  Head him off at the pass and read the article.

Shave Magazine is an online Men's Magazine and, that is exactly why we should be reading it.

Want to know what men think and what they think is important--well delving into the articles in this magazine is the equivalent of reading or better than reading a book about understanding men.

Knowledge is power ladies!

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