Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday, 23 April 2012

Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic Expecting a Baby

After their many struggles with infertility, unsuccessful IVF attempts and a breast cancer diagnosis, Giuliana and Bill Rancic are about to realize the dream of having a family.

Giuliana and Bill started off the new year with a clean slate.  Giuliana underwent a double mastectomy shortly before the holidays and was able to ring in the New Year with her husband on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve hosted by Ryan Seacreast.

Guiliana and Bill Rancic While Filming "Giuliana and Bill"
Photo Credit.  CJSmith/Flickr

As host of E! News and through her show Giuliana and Bill we have come to know of Giuliana both professionally and personally.

After the double mastectomy, Giuliana and Bill said that they were exploring other options such as adoption and surrogacy.

Through their fertility doctor from Colorado, Dr. Schoolcraft, they were introduced to an agency which connected them to the gestational carrier who is carrying their child.  Bill mentioned that this was their last stop.  They had banked two embryos and with Giuliana on medication now after her mastectomy--this was their last stop in achieving their dream of a child.

Giuliana and Bill were on the Today Show where they first announced the wonderful news.  Giuliana and Bill are going to become parents late this summer through a Gestational Carrier.  Giuliana fondly calls her Gestational Carrier my "Baby Mama". 

Giuliana told Ann Curry on the Today Show that they visit the "Baby Mama" every month.  "We visit her every month.  We go to all the doctor's visits.  We see the baby growing."

Giuliana and Bill have been happy to help others with their story and to turn the negatives in their lives into positives.

Giuliana finished her interview on the Today Show by being grateful for what she has.

"I have a great husband.  I have a wonderful family.  I have a baby on the way.  What more do I have to ask for."

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dick Clark, American Bandstand and New Year's Rockin' Eve

 Dick Clark--America's Oldest Teenager
Photo Credit:  Klaus Hiltscher/flickr

Dick Clark referred to himself as America's Oldest Teenager. He brought African Americans onto the music scene through his program American Bandstand. The weekly Dance Show, American Bandstand hosted Philadelphia black teens from Junior and Senior High Schools who danced on the show.  Dick Clark paved the way for black artists featuring black artists such as Fats Domino, The Silhouettes, The Supremes, Percy Sledge and Gladys Knight and the Pips on American Bandstand. American Bandstand changed the music and race relations in the United States.  According to, Chubby Checker was known as Chubby before Dick Clarke's wife added the Checker to the end.  History was made the day Chubby Checker went on American Bandstand with "The Twist".

History was made the day Chubby Checker went on Bandstand with ‘The Twist’,” says Checker. “Because with “The Twist,” you were looking at your girl, and she was looking at you. And “The Twist” did that. And
it was all because of Dick Clark."
Read more:
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Dick Clark launched a lot of music careers.  Aretha Franklin stated that, "If you didn't go on American Bandstand you just hadn't made it yet."

 American Bandstand was on the air from 1957-1989.

Dick Clark on This is Your Life

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve was first on the air in 1972 and has been on every New Year's Eve since.

Dick Clark's production company, Dick Clark Productions, produced The Golden Globe Awards, the Daytime Emmy Awards and the American Music Awards. Dick Clark hosted the $25,000 Pyramid and some other game shows.

Dick Clark was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

Many tributes were made to Dick Clark after celebrities heard of his passing yesterday.  Dick was a very likeable, sincere and caring man:

Ryan Seacreast tweeted at 4:27 p.m. on April 18, 2012:
"I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend Dick Clark.  He has truly been one of the greatest influences in my life."

Alan Osmond spoke on CNN.  Alan said this about Dick Clark:
"He helped our career tremendously.  He was very open to everybody he knew. He was at the top of the industry.  If you called in a favour, he would say yes.   He had an intuition. He had a gift.  I honour him as a very bright and a very loving and kind man who had a gift."

Tony Orlando pays tribute to Dick Clark (on CNN) by saying: 

"March 15, 1961--the day that my first record was released, Dick Clark had me on the show as a newcomer." (Tony Orlando performed "Bless You" on American Bandstand).

Tony Orlando also stated this about Dick Clark:
"He was the manufacturer of the music industry we know today.  He was a mentor and cared for you as a person.  He is the fabric of the music business.  As a man I don't think I have ever met a man that was the same in person as on stage--humble, generous, kind and caring." 

Dick Clark's Lifetime Achievement  Emmy Award speech in 1994 included this:

"I don't have time to thank every person that has helped me along the way, I want to thank the thing American Bandstand... For almost 40 years kids got together in a social atmosphere they got to know one another, they exchanged cultures and they didn't hurt each other and there wasn't any violence. And we could all learn a little something from that show--It was a good one."

Many of Dick Clark's fans have placed flowers, cards and notes on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The family is still deciding on whether they will be having a public memorial. 

TMZ has a photo slide show of Dick Clark through the years.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dick Clark Dies at 82

Dick Clark 1929 - 2012

Dick Clark the Host of "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve"
Photo Credit:  JasonEscapist/Flickr
According to TMZ Dick Clark the well-known Producer and Television Host who hosted "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve" and American Bandstand has reportedly died of a massive heart attack at the age of 82.

He started his career as a game show host and radio personality.  Dick suffered a stroke in 2004 after which he no longer hosted "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve".  Dick never completely recovered after this stroke.

Ryan Seacrest took over the hosting of "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve" in 2006.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Finally Engaged

Brad and Angelina at the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival, May 16, 2011
Photo Credit:  Ammar Abd Rabbo/flickr
Angelina Jolie has been seen wearing an engagement ring.  The Hollywood Reporter first released the news and a photo of a white diamond ring on Angelina Jolie's left hand.  It sure looks like a nice piece of rock and it definitely looks like a classic engagement ring.

Apparently Beverly Hills Jeweller Robert Procop who coincidentally has a jewelry line named "Style of Jolie" had been commissioned by Brad Pitt to design an engagement ring for Angelina.

When Brad Pitt had, in previous years, been questioned as to whether or not he and Angelina would tie the knot, he would answer that when everyone is allowed to get married then they would do it.

Brad Pitt's Manager caved in to pressure to spill it and confirmed the couple's engagement on Friday (premission to announce this probably had to come from the happy couple themselves).  According to CBC News, Brad's manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante, said that the engagement "is a promise for the future"  she also stated that "their kids are very happy".

With pressure from his children, Brad has apparently decided that he would have to renege on his above mentioned promise of waiting for equality for all. 

Brad and Angelina's romance and family quickly progressed and is still steady and strong according to appearances and this announcement.  I wonder if putting a ring on it will make the difference--maybe in his family's eyes.  The kids probably want a guarantee that all will be together for years to come and want to be united by a marital bond.

The question is, is a ring a guarantee or simply a bonding of a couple at this present moment in their relationship? (Participate in our Poll at the top of this page).

Hollywood has different rules and only Brad and Angelina can dictate what happens from here.

Can you imagine what the wedding would be like, if we were privy to being included in watching it on television? Afterall, Brad and Ange are Hollywood Royalty. You have to wonder though, why Brad and Angelina simply didn't just go out and get married.  Perhaps they already are and we don't know it?

This doesn't seem like their style though. 

I wonder if Angelina's wedding gown will have a slit up the thigh?  And, I wonder if Brad's ex Jennifer Aniston will be planning her own wedding soon.  A double ceremony perhaps?--now that would be a wedding to remember!

Can you imagine the paparazzi now!  The Jolie-Pitt's lives and profiles are going to be amped up to the millionth degree.  Photos of event planning, speculation about everything to do with the future wedding and of course the date and place. I wonder what country they will wed in--they are big into birthing and adopting in foreign countries, I wonder if their wedding will follow this trend. What a secret the location will be to keep!

What are your thoughts on this new development with Angelina and Brad?

See a fabulous photograph of Angelina Jolie's ring here.

Friday, 6 April 2012

How to Boil Eggs

Like most people, I learned to cook eggs by boiling them for about 15 minutes.  I was amazed to learn while watching a cooking show years ago that you only need to boil the eggs for about two minutes. 

Here are the steps:
  1. Put eggs in a pot and cover with cold water
  2. Boil the eggs for about two minutes
  3. Turn off heat
  4. Put a lid on the pot
  5. Let sit for about 15 minutes
  6. Run cold water over the eggs until cool
Now you can put them in the fridge or use them to make coloured Easter eggs.

Here are some links to sites to help make your Easter egg decorating eggcellent:

Martha Stewart - Decorating Easter Eggs
9 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas by Reader's Digest

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter Cards for Kids

This clipart is compliments of Webweaver's Fine Clipart

This is what I call My Cute Easter Collection.  Great for Kids of all ages. Enjoy!

I took the photo of the bunny decoration for this card

Clip art source:  Webweaver's Fine Clipart and card created by ChristineB

Clip art source:  Webweaver's Fine Clipart and card created by ChristineB

Clip art source:  Webweaver's Fine Clipart and card created by ChristineB

Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Bunny Craft

Enjoy this bunny craft and card.

I used the photo of the bunny I made to make you an Easter card.
Here is an easy and fun way to transform old socks or, in my case, a dollar store sock into the Easter Bunny. I bought a three pack of pastel socks for $1. It is so easy you could have a bunch of bunnies to use as Easter decor or to give away.   You can even tie an Easter treat to the Bunny for a creative gift idea or include the bunny in a basket.


Child's sock, medium sized (pastel colours are the best)
Dried lentils for filling or if you don't have lentils you can use crumpled up plastic bags.
If you are using lentils you need a funnel
A rubber band
A pom pom for tail and nose (pink for nose and white for tail)--you can use a cotton ball for the tail too and pink felt or fabric for the nose if you don't have a pom pom.
Felt or crafting foam for the eyes and teeth (I used felt for eyes and crafting foam for teeth--use whatever materials you have--a great way to use up old crafting supplies)
White school glue or craft tacky glue


  1. Fill the sock up past the heel with lentils or crumpled plastic bags or any other material you think would work.
  2. Tie the sock up tightly with a rubber band.  Twist it around a number of times.
  3. Tie a ribbon on to the sock just below the heel. 
  4. Cut the cuff in half and shape like bunny ears.
  5. Attach the tail, eyes nose and teeth.
  6. Have a Happy Easter!

Adapted from Sock Hop

Ricotta Pie for Easter

My Ricotta Pie, Enjoy!


1 1/2 cups of flour
4 tablespoon granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


4 eggs beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon flour
3/4 to 1 cups sugar depends how sweet you like it
2 tablespoon confectioners sugar (icing sugar)
454 grams (l pound) of ricotta cheese - 1 tub Salerno or other brand

Delicious additions if desired:  1/4 cup mini chocolate chips, zest of one orange, candied orange or fruit finely chopped.  You can add one, two or all these additions for a fancier pie. 

Directions (Preheat oven to 350 degrees F)

For Crust:

Sift flour, sugar and salt together. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbles. Beat egg and vanilla together and add to dry ingredients. Form dough into a round ball and refrigerate for one hour.  Roll out dough to fit a 9 inch pie plate. Place dough inside of a greased 9 inch pie plate.

For Filling:

Beat eggs, vanilla, flour, granulated sugar and confectioner's sugar together until pie filling is smooth. Stir in the ricotta cheese and if desired add delicious addition(s) as mentioned above by folding them in until well distributed in ricotta mixture.

Pour the ricotta mixture into the pie plate. Cover outer pie crust with foil  and place into the 350 degree F oven.   After about 20 minutes remove foil and bake for another 25 minutes or until firm.

Adapted from Sweet Pie from