Sunday, 15 April 2012

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Finally Engaged

Brad and Angelina at the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival, May 16, 2011
Photo Credit:  Ammar Abd Rabbo/flickr
Angelina Jolie has been seen wearing an engagement ring.  The Hollywood Reporter first released the news and a photo of a white diamond ring on Angelina Jolie's left hand.  It sure looks like a nice piece of rock and it definitely looks like a classic engagement ring.

Apparently Beverly Hills Jeweller Robert Procop who coincidentally has a jewelry line named "Style of Jolie" had been commissioned by Brad Pitt to design an engagement ring for Angelina.

When Brad Pitt had, in previous years, been questioned as to whether or not he and Angelina would tie the knot, he would answer that when everyone is allowed to get married then they would do it.

Brad Pitt's Manager caved in to pressure to spill it and confirmed the couple's engagement on Friday (premission to announce this probably had to come from the happy couple themselves).  According to CBC News, Brad's manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante, said that the engagement "is a promise for the future"  she also stated that "their kids are very happy".

With pressure from his children, Brad has apparently decided that he would have to renege on his above mentioned promise of waiting for equality for all. 

Brad and Angelina's romance and family quickly progressed and is still steady and strong according to appearances and this announcement.  I wonder if putting a ring on it will make the difference--maybe in his family's eyes.  The kids probably want a guarantee that all will be together for years to come and want to be united by a marital bond.

The question is, is a ring a guarantee or simply a bonding of a couple at this present moment in their relationship? (Participate in our Poll at the top of this page).

Hollywood has different rules and only Brad and Angelina can dictate what happens from here.

Can you imagine what the wedding would be like, if we were privy to being included in watching it on television? Afterall, Brad and Ange are Hollywood Royalty. You have to wonder though, why Brad and Angelina simply didn't just go out and get married.  Perhaps they already are and we don't know it?

This doesn't seem like their style though. 

I wonder if Angelina's wedding gown will have a slit up the thigh?  And, I wonder if Brad's ex Jennifer Aniston will be planning her own wedding soon.  A double ceremony perhaps?--now that would be a wedding to remember!

Can you imagine the paparazzi now!  The Jolie-Pitt's lives and profiles are going to be amped up to the millionth degree.  Photos of event planning, speculation about everything to do with the future wedding and of course the date and place. I wonder what country they will wed in--they are big into birthing and adopting in foreign countries, I wonder if their wedding will follow this trend. What a secret the location will be to keep!

What are your thoughts on this new development with Angelina and Brad?

See a fabulous photograph of Angelina Jolie's ring here.

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