Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Bunny Craft

Enjoy this bunny craft and card.

I used the photo of the bunny I made to make you an Easter card.
Here is an easy and fun way to transform old socks or, in my case, a dollar store sock into the Easter Bunny. I bought a three pack of pastel socks for $1. It is so easy you could have a bunch of bunnies to use as Easter decor or to give away.   You can even tie an Easter treat to the Bunny for a creative gift idea or include the bunny in a basket.


Child's sock, medium sized (pastel colours are the best)
Dried lentils for filling or if you don't have lentils you can use crumpled up plastic bags.
If you are using lentils you need a funnel
A rubber band
A pom pom for tail and nose (pink for nose and white for tail)--you can use a cotton ball for the tail too and pink felt or fabric for the nose if you don't have a pom pom.
Felt or crafting foam for the eyes and teeth (I used felt for eyes and crafting foam for teeth--use whatever materials you have--a great way to use up old crafting supplies)
White school glue or craft tacky glue


  1. Fill the sock up past the heel with lentils or crumpled plastic bags or any other material you think would work.
  2. Tie the sock up tightly with a rubber band.  Twist it around a number of times.
  3. Tie a ribbon on to the sock just below the heel. 
  4. Cut the cuff in half and shape like bunny ears.
  5. Attach the tail, eyes nose and teeth.
  6. Have a Happy Easter!

Adapted from Sock Hop

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