Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - My Review

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is unequivocally the best of the Twilight vampire movie series.  At the start of the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 we see Bella transform into a beautiful, strong and powerful vampire.  The make-up was nicely done to show off Kristen Stewart's (Bella's) beautiful features.  It looks as if she has gained a little bit of weight too--as you recall at the end of Breaking Dawn - Part 1, it looked as if Bella had anorexia.

Bella learns to hunt and, as a newborn vampire, she has extreme self-control for avoiding attacking humans for blood.  Edward is as charming and sexy as ever, enjoying every minute of his new bride's transformation and proud at how much stronger Bella is than the rest of the vampire family.

The baby Renesmee is the love of the entire Cullen family and is the source of conflict in the movie when the Volturi think she is an immortal vampire child.  The Cullen family prepare for a war against the Volturi by rallying together the world-wide vampire family.

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 truly shines at the end of the movie when there is an all out bloody or, in this case, bloodless war over the fast-growing mystery of a child, Renesmee.  With every vampire using their "gifts" to the max and Jacob protecting his "imprinted" Renesmee, the vampires join in a united front and battle royal against a large number of Volturi led by the creepy Aro.

You will love the twist of an ending  that  has you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Let's just say the ending is a long good-bye that will shock and surprise you. I felt fulfilled and satisfied with the way the movie was wrapped up. 

Even if you haven't see the previous Twilight movies, you could sit through this movie and truly enjoy and be exhilarated by the action-packed story line and beautiful scenery.

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