Monday, 11 February 2013

The Grammy's

The 2013 Grammy awards were in a word "entertaining".  Taylor swift opens with an Alice in Wonderland performance of "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together". 

Speaking of performances, Justin Timberlake was phenomenal in his Grammy comeback where he apologized "I must confess it's been a while and for that I must apologize".  Did Justin ever make it a big bang or should I say a big band experience  Justin took us back to the big band days with his new single "Suit and Tie" being joined by Jay-Z for part of the performance. He followed "Suit and Tie" with another song from his album The 20/20 Experience (being released in March), "Pusher Love Girl".

Here are The 55th Annual Grammy Award Winners.

The fashions this year were dictated by a "strict" dress code for the ladies.  The Grammy's of years past have had some pretty skin- baring fashions on the red carpet from Rihanna's white dress with fur strips hitting and missing body parts to JLo's plunging green sheer dress of the past.  Most of the artists did modify their style by wearing dresses that covered up the necessary parts.

JLo actually made a comment about the list of requirements for what to cover up being something she could not even read to her children (buttocks, breasts and "other" parts had to be covered).  JLo was covered up for the most part in a black gown; however her left leg was totally exposed a la Angelina Jolie.  Rihanna's criss-cross halter top sheer red dress this year seemed in theory to cover all from head to toe, except she kind of broke the rules with the sheer part showing a little too much on top, take a look here--no surprise there.  And speaking of Rihanna's wardrobe, she was wearing Chris Brown quite well also--the couple were not hiding that they are back together with Rihanna posing with her head against Chris Brown who had his arm around her--here we go again! I'm sure twitter was ablaze about this reunion. 

Like Rihanna, Katy Perry is known for her risque outfits.  Last night was no exception in her fitted mint green Gucci gown with a keyhole neckline that showed cleavage and breasts galore.  Then there was Adele who wore a short dress with red floral appliques all over it that reminded me of poppies.  Why didn't Adele wear a longer, slimmer gown in a solid colour with maybe a little sparkle like she did last year?--a worst dress nominee this year from me (I wonder what Joan Rivers will say about this).  Then there was Beyonce who wore a pant suit with what looked to me like leggings--leggings at the Grammy's?  At least she was well-covered.  I liked Taylor Swift's J. Mendel gown which was a white Grecian style.  Her look was complete with the goddess/Heidi type wrap around the head braid which kept her look young.

Check out all the Grammy Fashions at the MTV site.

Which fashions did you enjoy?

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