Friday, 3 May 2013


Will Jodi Arias get the ultimate punishment for killing Travis Alexander?  The jury is now deliberating in this Phoenix, Arizona murder trial.
The Jodi Arias trial has been sensationalized in the media because of the shocking way she killed Travis Alexander a former boyfriend who was still part of her life.

The horrific way that Jodi Arias claims that she acted in self-defense has drawn many people to this case.  Jodi admits to shooting Travis Alexander in the face as self defense but says she can't remember stabbing him 29 times which includes fatally wounding him by stabbing him in the heart and cutting his throat ear to ear.

Jodi was hooked on Travis; although she is minimizing her infatuation on the witness stand.  Travis was about to go to Cancun with another woman.  Travis told Jodi that he thought this woman would be his future wife--that God had sent him a message. Yet, days before his trip, Jodi drives thousands of miles to have sex with Travis who continued to text Jodi and have phone sex with her even as he openly courted prospective suitable wives. This trip obviously turned out to be a deadly one for Travis as Jodi "allegedly" got her revenge.  Theories and evidence suggest Jodi decided she would take matters into her own deadly hands by stopping Travis from being with another woman.

Travis knew Jodi was crazy jealous of his dating since, in the past, she slashed his tires and that of his dates and sent an anonymous email to his date telling her to stop her bad behaviour.  Friends of Travis say they warned him to get away from her.  He told his friends that he couldn't get rid of her--yet they didn't know that he was still using her for sex.

Unfortunately for Travis this was the perfect storm--a woman who was infatuated with him who had the internal rage, psychopathic and other tendencies that brought her to end his life.

After her crime, Jodi travel directly to the home of another prospective boyfriend for the day.  No one around her that day or in the days to come would be any the wiser as she continued her life as if nothing happened, until Travis' body was found and friends pointed police directly to her.

Jodi lied about not being at Travis' home and even left messages on his phone right after her crime.  Jodi went to Travis' memorial service and even sent flowers to his grandmother.  Then when her bloody hand print was found on Travis' bedroom hall wall she changed her story to a home-invasion gone wrong where she was spared and Travis was murdered.  Finally, Jodi decided, for her trial, she would say that she was defending herself against Travis' rage--conveniently having a gun and knife at her disposal.

Seems like a slam-dunk trial to me; but, will they give her the death penalty?  And will there be a sympathetic juror who either is afraid to convict for 1st degree murder because of the death penalty or who believes Jodi is a victim of domestic violence.  What do you think?

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  1. I hope that true justice is served for all involved. I don't believe in the death penalty though, noone has the right to murder, and the death penalty is murder.