Thursday, 19 March 2015

Zeppole Cake

Instead of making individual Zeppole, I made a quick boxed French Vanilla Cake in a bundt pan and combined custard cream and sour pitted cherries for the filling.  Sprinkle icing sugar on top and you have the taste  and look of Zeppole in a cake.


1 boxed French Vanilla or White Cake mix prepared in a bundt pan
1 jar of sour pitted cherries
1 recipe of easy custard cream that you can get from here (Cooking with Nonna site)
Icing sugar for sprinkling


Cut in half a cooled prepared vanilla or white cake (from a mix) baked in a bundt pan
Lift off the top half of cake and place cut side up on another plate.
Spoon juice from jarred sour cherries on the two halves of the cake to moisten and flavour the cake.
Spread half of the cooled custard cream on the bottom half of the cake
Add cherries on top of the cream
Add the remaining custard cream in dollops and spread--save about half a cup of custard cream
Place the top half of the cake back on.
Add custard cream to the hole in the center of the bundt cake
Place cherries in the cream center (hole) and around the perimeter of the cake
Sprinkle icing sugar over cake and enjoy!

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