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Jennifer Aniston - Life of Crime Red Carpet TIFF

My Red Carpet Experience with Jennifer Aniston

A photo of Jennifer Aniston Speaking to Media at the TIFF Red Carpet of Life of Crime taken by DanB (my husband)
Last night, Saturday, September 14, 2013, I finally got to "meet" Jennifer Aniston at the Premiere of her new movie Life of Crime at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Getting a photo of Jennifer when she arrived was difficult but my husband managed to snap some photos of her speaking to media on the way into the screening room.

We arrived at Roy Thompson Hall in downtown Toronto at 6 p.m. to find that the gated red carpet area was already lined with faithful Jennifer Aniston fans.  I started to try to find a choice spot but knew that wherever I stood I still would have to try to look over and in between a few people to see Jennifer when she arrived--some people brought step stools! 

Shortly after I arrived, I was approached by a Bell TIFF employee who encouraged us to go over to the Bell TIFF viewing platform.  She explained that where we presently stood was not a good spot, we would not see Jennifer--having never gone to a red carpet before and wanting so much to see Jennifer Aniston--I proceeded to the Blue Bell platform area.  

As I waited for Jennifer's arrival I chatted with the fans around me.  I "heard" from a media report that Jennifer had been spotted having dinner with her fiance Justin Theroux at the Ritz-Charlton Hotel the night before but I did not know where the hotel was located, so I inquired.  The person next to me said it's right there and pointed to a very tall full glass building to my left--literally walking distance from the red carpet; although, I knew Jennifer Aniston would not be walking to the Red Carpet.  Could you imagine the chaos if she walked from the hotel to the red carpet!  So thinking that Jennifer could possibly be watching us from her glass tower I waved frantically to the building to my left, lol!  Did you see me Jen!

Every time an Audi SUV with TIFF VIP would drive up the paved gated area, the crowd would get their cameras and positions ready.  Well after several "false alarms" of Jennifer's arrival, Jennifer Aniston finally arrived.  Her SUV zoomed up and out popped Jen wearing a beautiful grey blue Vivienne Westwood strapless dress.  I didn't know what to do--I wanted photos of Jennifer and I wanted an autograph.  So, making a quick decision, I handed my husband the camera and told him to keep taking photographs and I raced for the gate as Jennifer was on our side.  

Jennifer Aniston was signing autographs non-stop to anyone who could get their photo/notepad to her.  So I pleaded with the lucky people in front of me to please hand her my Hello magazine with the photo of Jennifer and Justin leaving on vacation to Cabo.  A nice guy took my magazine and waved it forward yelling Jen! Jen! But then, Jennifer moved across to the other side--I was SOOOOO close to getting that autograph, but it was not to be!  However, all was not lost, I actually got to see Jennifer Aniston's face close up when trying to get that autograph, Wow! That image will be embellished in my mind forever. Jen had light blue eye shadow on and she wore her hair parted in the middle and straight down.  
Cast of Life of Crime from Bell Media Screen--photo taken by ChristineB (me)

TIFF Media interviews--taken by DanB (my husband)

Tall Building in the middle is the Ritz-Charlton Hotel where Jennifer and Justin were spotted!--photo taken by ChristineB (me)

Jennifer Aniston's beautiful smile (photo taken by DanB)

Crowd anxiously awaiting Jennifer Aniston's arrival holding cameras and magazine photos to be autographed by Jen!

The area in between the two crowds is where the SUV's drove up dropping off cast, producers and, finally, Jennifer Aniston!  (Photo taken by me (ChristineB)
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