Friday, 16 March 2012

George Clooney Arrested?

George Clooney
Photo Credit:  Matteo Mignani/flickr
George Clooney  and his father have reportedly been arrested in Washington D.C. for a political protest in front of the Sudanese Embassy.

George is as passionate or maybe even more passionate than Brad Pitt with regards to humanitarian causes as today he led a protest in D.C. having to do with the Sudan Humanitarian Crisis. 
 George Clooney's publicist told TMZ that "They were protesting the violence committed by the government of Sudan on its own innocent, men, women and children.  They were demanding they allow humanitarian aid into the country before it becomes the largest humanitarian crisis in the world."
This protest comes on the heels of George Clooney's secret visit to the Sudan region (border of Sudan and South Sudan) where he witnessed the violence first hand.  According to The Associated Press , in July South Sudan separated to form its own country.  Since then, there has been fighting between Sudan and South Sudan about oil located in South Sudan but transported by pipelines in Sudan.  Oil shipments have been shut down because of the fighting.

George Clooney has strong beliefs and stands by them.  He is good friends with Brad Pitt who also believes in humanitarian causes and  has adopted underprivileged children.  As mentioned in his various speeches, he really admires Brad for this.

George really is more than just a pretty face.

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