Thursday, 1 March 2012

Justin Beiber is Now "Legal" at 18

Photo Attribution:  Phillip Nelson
Happy Birthday Justin Beiber!   Justin himself said he is now legal, what did he mean I wonder?  Here is a list of some things you can do in Canada now that you are 18:

In Ontario, Canada where Justin Beiber is from at 18:

  • You can vote
  • You can travel freely
  • You can get a passport as an adult
  • You can buy lottery tickets
  • You can see a doctor without your parents knowing
  • You can change your name
  • You can enter contracts
  • You can get married
  • You can make a will
  • You can serve alcohol but you can't drink it until you turn 19
  • You can open your own bank account
  • You can get a credit card
So what did Justin mean when he said he is now legal--was he referring to the fact that he could now marry Selena Gomez if he wanted to?

Now that Justin lives in the U.S. he will be mostly affected by the U.S. laws.

What can Justin look forward to in the U.S. now that he is 18 years old?  Feel free to comment below.

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