Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Angelina Jolie's Right Leg and Skinny Arms

Angelina has been thin for as long as I can remember
Photo Credit:  mfrissen/flickr
Since Angelina's famous right leg pose at the 84th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, poor Angelina has been under the microscope and her right leg has "exploded" in the twittisphere.

It's funny that everyone is so concerned about Angelina's weight now, even though she has been this thin for years.  After the Golden Globe's awards there was no mention of how frail she is and no speculation as to whether she has an eating disorder--just praise on how fabulous she looked in her Atelier Versace white satin gown with red collar. 

Dr. Drew on HLN had a round-table discussion last night about concern for Angelina's weight and apparent muscle wasting.  He even had Tracey Gold, who had anorexia in the past, in on the discussion. Dr. Drew mentioned that "As you look at Angelina last night at the Oscar's-when you see that she has temporal muscle wasting-a hallmark sign of malnutrition."  He explained that he is only mentioning this because he doesn't want another celebrity to go down and sit by and say nothing.  The discussion got heated though when Dr. Drew's other panelist, Kareen Wynter challenged Tracey Gold's observation that Angelina has an eating disorder.  Wynter felt that this was all blow out of proportion and that "this is not a woman who is malnourished."

Well, I don't know what Dr. Drew is going to do about Angelina's apparent thinness--rush over to Angelina's house and stuff a chocolate bar in her mouth?  I am sure that Brad and her Dad can see for themselves that Angelina is thin.  They also have a lot more information about her diet and health matters than Dr. Drew or any of us. 

However, I can understand that it is sad to see so many celebrities succumb to the pressures that come with having a successful career in the Movie industry.  It is human nature to do anything you can to keep your successful and lucrative career going strong, so I can understand if Angelina is staying thin for her career.  But, then again, there could be other reasons why she is not eating properly.  How are we to know?

Overall, Angelina got more than she bargained for by striking the hand on hip and leg stuck WAY OUT pose (I thought she was trying to trip someone).  I understand that some designers tell the celebrities to strike certain poses to show off the dress more.  This could have been an innocent move on Angelina's part that EXPLODED out of control.

What is your take on this?  Is it any of our business or should it be our concern if Angelina Jolie appears too thin?



  1. Are you kidding? Kareen Wynter clearly IS anorexic!!!! Did you see HER arms? Of course she is all defensive about it! Her skin tight sweater was flopping around arms that couldn't have been bigger than a sausage!

    SHE has an eating disorder, and she knows it! She went crazy when the other woman mentioned SOMEONE elses eating disorder.

    1. Kareen did mention that she does have an eating disorder that nearly ended her life in college.

      Here is the link to the write-up on last night's show http://drdrew.blogs.cnn.com/

      A person with an unresolved eating disorder may not have been the greatest choice by Dr. Drew for the panel on this subject.

    2. Right on, Dennis. Kareen's out-of-proportion blow-up at Tracy was all about her own defensive at having a disorder. I mean, come on, she looks like a deer caught in the headlights--her eyes are so bulging out of skinny head. And those arms...what arms?

      Why on earth she made this about her...