Monday, 13 February 2012

Grammy Fashion Hits and Misses and Adele Triumphs

The Grammys fashion are traditionally a little more costumy and out there than say the Oscars or other awards presentations.  Music artists are more about expressing themselves than displaying a designers fashion.

Niki Minaj wore the ultimate Little Red Riding Hood or Catholic Bishop type of get up, an all red, wide cape with a large hood custom-made  by Atelier Versace and accompanied by a "Pope" replica. Usually she wears a little more fitting attire, but an artist likes to mix it up a bit?

Look at Katy Perry--she is sticking with that blue hair.  I know Katy enjoyed playing Smurfette but it is truly not a flattering look for her.  Her granny type hairstyle (not Grammy type, lol) and matronly gown also failed to show off Katy's true stunning beauty. Katy did change later after her performance and her hair was let down too.  She should have worn this dress on the red carpet.   I think her winged dress from last year was a little more age appropriate and fitting to her style of music.  I also think Katy looks stunning with black hair.  She most recently had been wearing it pink, blondish pink, blonde and now blue--go back to black please!

And, OMG, lets not forget to mention Sasha Grodiva wearing a pink dress and machine guns--meaning what, gentleness and "Rambo" at the same time?  I didn't even know who she was until now--mission accomplished!

Lady Gaga take the gagga off your face.  Mesh on her body is one thing but that wrap around mesh on her face was weird.  That's the point I guess!

Rihanna looked incredible in her black plunging Armani gown. She works hard to keep her body looking great and likes to show us.  Remember last year when she wore that white gown with horizontal strips of white fluff alternating with her skin--the fluff hit all the right spots as it, surprisingly, didn't reveal anything that would have had her sent home to change.

Speaking of which, why wasn't Fergie sent home--we could see her black bra and granny-type undies that were not so undie her red lace dress--wait I just saw a photo and the dress is orange, even better! These dresses never look the same on television and photos. I was racking my brain trying to figure out why she felt this dress was acceptable and fashionable.......Did she feel that people see more of me at the beach anyway and this is high-fashion and I will definitely stand out (maybe it will sell more records)?

Adele dominated the Grammy Awards by winning all six of the grammys that she was nominated for including song and record of the year for Rolling in the Deep and Album of the year for 21. But, as far as fashion went, Adele didn't really dominate, staying true to her all black look. The dress she wore on the red carpet though black, was very sparkly and suited her beautifully.   I wish she would have put it back on after her performance on stage--she would have looked stunning accepting her Album of the year Grammy wearing it. 

You could feel the awe and respect in the audience of her peers and fans.  Adele won best song for Rolling in the Deep.  I wondered what she meant by the term Rolling in the Deep so I looked it up.  Apparently rolling in the deep is a description of a ship moving  up in down on the waves, far out in the distance.  The lyrics from the song do match this description as the lyrics--"Finally, I can see you crystal clear, Go ahead and sell me out and a I’ll lay your ship bare"--make reference to bringing that far out ship into clear sight. Obviously, she means she now sees what this guy she is in a relationship with is really all about.  Adele's sound reminds me of Amy Winehouse with a more refined twist.

I wonder how Adele will top this banner year!

Speak to me people!  What did you think of the fashions at the Grammys!

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