Saturday, 11 February 2012

Happy 43rd Birthday Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston turns 43 today.  Happy Birthday Jen!

This, no doubt will be one of Jennifer's happier birthdays as she gets to spend it with her new boyfriend and Wanderlust costar, Justin Theroux.  It is getting more difficult for the tabloids to crank out Poor Jen stories. The love triangle between Jen, Brad and Angelina has now been made into a square with the addition of Justin Theroux.

Now stories on Jen have shifted to baby bump watch and ring watch.  Jennifer and Justin have been wearing matching gold coloured novelty type rings since they first started dating, but no sparkler on Jen's ring finger yet.  Maybe this birthday will be the one where Justin pops the question?  But it seems Jennifer is just happy to be happy right now. 

Jennifer says that she wants to make some changes, maybe a darker hair colour because it's healthier.  Her wardrobe has certainly shifted to a more casual jeans, boots and leather style--much like Justin's.  She's also wearing a lot more black.  I guess she wants to look the part of Justin's other half.  You have to admit it would look off if she wore a totally glamed up look beside Justin.

Jennifer met Justin while filming Wanderlust.  Wanderlust is about a Manhattan Couple who effected by sudden unemployment decide to join a free-love commune.  In wanders......Justin, Jen has now let love rule supreme.  Love ya Jen and wish you the best!

Wanderlust hits theatres on February 24, 2012!  Watch this Trailer, in wanders Justin at 1:28.

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