Thursday, 23 February 2012

Oscar Movie Inspired Oscar Party Foods

I have put together a menu of appetizers, main meals and desserts for your Oscar Party.  These Oscar Party foods are inspired by the 2012 Oscar Nominated Movies.  If I would have to chose one of the movies for an Oscar Party theme for myself, I would chose The Help.  The good Ole Southern cooking in this movie is delicious, except for the Chocolate Pie (you would have had to watch the movie to understand--google it!).  The link to the recipe for the Mississippi Mud Pie will sure to be a crowd pleaser--if you stick to the ingredients and don't add any of your own "special" ingredients that is!

The Descendants  (Hawaiian  Appetizers)
Pineapple Cheese Ball, Recipe Journey has a nice recipe with photos that show each step
Aloha Chicken Wings from
Maui Ahi Poke from
Mai Tai Cocktail
Photo Credit:  duluoz cats/flickr

The Artist (Foods from 1927)
Bridge Mix as the movie was from 1927 when playing bridge was popular. Bridge Mix Recipe
Kool-Aid was invented in 1927 - use this Kool-Aid Punch Recipe from Kraft
Marble Cake (representative of a black and white movie)

Credit:  Hawaiianfoodrecipe/flickr
Moneyball (Ball Game Inspired Foods)
Hot dogs with the fixings or for a smaller appetizer version mini crescent dogs
Carmel Corn
Popcorn served in movie style plastic containers

Photo Credit:  Ben Spark/Flickr

The Tree of Life (Texas and 1950's)
Texas Jail Chili  (Circa 1950)
Easy Beef and Salsa Burritos from the Texas Beef Council
Beef Enchiladas from the Texas Beef Council
Seven Layer Tex Mex Dip

Photo Credit:  Kerinin (Ryan Michae)/flickr

The Help
Classic Southern Fried Chicken
You can buy or make popcorn chicken as a easy appetizer alternative to fried chicken
The "Help" Southern Carmel Cake
Mississippi Mud Pie (Not exactly like Minnie's, lol)

Photo Credit: Ben Grantham/Flickr
Midnight in Paris
Pain au Chocolat or Croissants au Chocolate - I recommend you buy some chocolate filled croissants or spread chocolate spread in the middle of mini croissants as they are a bit tricky to make.
Mini Quiches
Mini Quiche Lorraine

Photo Credit;  Sarah Sosiak/flickr

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