Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rihanna and Chris Brown Collaborating

Credit:  Eva Rinaldi/Flickr
O.K. Rihanna some girls out there think you have some splannin to do as far as standing up for domestic violence is concerned--at least that's what I am learning from some tweets I've read.

As you all remember, Chris Brown beat Rihanna on the Eve of the Grammy's three years ago.  As a result, Chris Brown had a five-year restraining order placed against him in 2009 . The judge since lifted the ban and Chris Brown got his second chance.

In November 2009, Rihanna went on Good Morning America and was interviewed by Diane Sawyer.  During this interview Rihanna spoke out on abuse by saying "It's completely normal to go back.  It's not right. I learned the hard way, but again, this is what I want people to know", she said.  Rihanna went on to say that she didn't want her selfish decision to be the influence that could get another young girl killed.

Now it seems that all is forgiven, Chris Brown performed at the Grammy's and now Rihanna and Chris are singing melodies together.

They recently collaborated on remixes of each other's songs--Rihanna's Birthday Cake and Chris Brown's Turn Up the Music. 

Others just think let it go--if Rihanna is embracing Chris again at least professionally then we should too. You have to admit that this collaboration will further Chris Brown's career but I don't know if the effect will be totally positive for Rihanna.

You have to agree that this controversy will spur lots of publicity for the two singers, I guess that's the idea.

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