Monday, 27 February 2012

Octavia Spencer Best Supporting Actress

Credit:  Chickpokipsie/flickr
Last night when Octavia Spencer won her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress her first words were: "Thank you Academy for putting me with the hottest guy in the room"--referring, of course, to her Oscar.

Octavia Spencer, the day after the Oscar's, appeared on "Live with Kelly" in Hollywood.

Kelly said to Octavia, "Show everyone your fancy prize, your new boyfriend."

Octavia replied, "I was single and now I'm not."

This was Octavia Spencer's first Oscar Nomination and her first win.
Octavia didn't prepare an acceptance speech because she was superstitious about making an assumption of winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  Octavia regrets it now because she forgot to mention important people.  Octavia explained, "My knees where shaking so hard the only thing I could think of was do not fall down." In her speech, Octavia thanked her family in Alabama, the state of Alabama and her family watching in L.A.  Octavia finished her speech with, "I share this with everyone, thank you Steven Spielberg (producer) for changing my life."

Octavia spent the rest of her night at the Governors Ball and then the Vanity Fair Party where they were handing out In N Out burgers.  Octavia was asked about her baking skills.  She replied, "Well it depends on who it is (smirking).  I am not a cook at all.  I don't cook it's really sad." Octavia can't wait to go home and watch the Oscar's!

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